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Electric Scooter E-Twow Booster Plus Comfort 2019


E-TWOW Booster Plus COMFORT 2019: the improvements

The E-TWOW Booster Plus COMFORT 2019 is the most recent version that exists. The new features of this COMFORT 2019 version are:

  • 1. Soft comfort wide rear wheel
  • 2. Extended rear mudguard without screws
  • 3. Screws and improved structure
  • 4. Ultra-resistant cable cover
  • 5. Latest generation controller 2019, allowing more reactive and linear acceleration and braking than on previous versions.
  • 6. Last generation E-TWOW display more accurate and in color . You can access an intuitive menu that will allow you to access advanced settings of the scooter to improve its performance.
  • 7. Improved horn to be more recognizable

Its weight of 10.8 kg remains unchanged

Compact and transportable

With a weight of 10.8 kg on the scale, this adult electric scooter E-TWOW Booster Plus COMFORT 2019 is very comfortable in urban areas. Its small size will allow you to sneak easily and its quick folding system will allow you to transport it in subways, trains and even in a car trunk.

Light and compact The electric scooter E-TWOW Booster Plus COMFORT 2019 is an ecological and efficient means of transport.

A powerful electric scooter

Its 500W Brushless motor will propel you to a maximum speed of 30km / husing the trigger on the handlebar. The autonomy is not left behind , its 6.5 AH Lithium battery offers a range of 25-30 km for a recharge time of only 2-3 hours.

Braking and safety

On the braking side, the electric scooter E-TWOW Booster Plus COMFORT 2019 is equipped with a powerful front magnetic brake as well as a mechanical emergency brake on the rear. It is also equipped with a KERSenergy recovery system . This means that when the vehicle brakes, the battery recharges. In addition, the brake is contactless and therefore does not wear out over time.

The focus has been on safety as it has front and rear LED lights , as well as a stop light, which is very useful during night trips. A height adjustable steering column will allow you to adjust the machine to your height. And a front and rear shock will increase your comfort but also increase your handling for comfort and optimum safety.


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